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Friday, August The 6th of 2010

Topic:When I type, people listen
Time:On The 6th @ 15:26 pm.
Week before last I was at Randalls late in the evening getting some juice and snacks (my purchasing habits are actually inconsequential in this story, but I'm setting a mood or something) on my way back home. I come up to the check out line and there is a dude in front of me buying some cheap beer. Once again, not actually the subject of the story. He was just a guy that if I saw him in the parking lot getting out of his truck I probably would have thought "I bet he is going in to buy cheap beer"
In front of Mr. Air-Guitar to Nickelback was a middle-aged woman who is the star of this whole show. There was nothing outstanding about her, just very average looking in a slightly upscale sort of way. She was not buying anything out of the ordinary, in fact I cannot recall what purchase she did make. After she was told her total, however, she proceeded to use her debit card as she probably had thousands of times prior. Once she had completed the transaction the cash register pops open.

Still not setting alarms off in my head.

The cashier reaches in and pulls out three $20.00 bills and attempts to hand them to the lady. Upon seeing the cash, the woman jumps back and makes some horrendous face as if she was just offered "Plague Cookies" for a snack. At this point, still visibly leaning back, she says "I don't want any of that" to the poor cashier just trying to do her job. The card reader at Randalls does not ask you if you want cash back after you swipe your card, instead it gives you various amounts as options along with an option for none. The no cash back button appears in the lower left, while $60 is square in the center of the screen. So it was her fault for not paying attention, but that still doesn't explain why she was physically disgusted by the sight of cash. She started to get a little high and mighty, trying to show a little class while requesting the money be put back. There was a bit of a back and forth, eventually she took her money, and there are plenty of explanations as to why she would not handle the cash, but I prefer to stick with the thought that she saw herself as too good for the currency used by riffraff.

Or something.
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Friday, September The 25th of 2009

Topic:Forum Spam
Time:On The 25th @ 11:18 am.
I have taken it upon myself to care a great deal about Comicpalooza Houston next year. I would just really like to see it succeed and have been using my expansive knowledge (ahem) to help them out in any way they may need. Currently that is just limited to suggestions as the organizers have everything under control and I don't want to just push myself into shoving my opinion where they don't need it.
I have been watching the forum for activity ( ) and there was a new post today that is just blatant spam, but reminds me of the Chainsaw 52 Necromancers (the classic) with plenty of spam links thrown in the middle.
But we do have such gems as:
"What counts as missing a pill system of a down chanteur take a picture with your monitor trace a lost iphone units in a beer typical diet of a model you might be a baptist"

"sell a wow character signs of a goat in heat"

"sewing a wet bag what breaks a heart"

Also, it gets better if you read it while hearing Billy Mays voicing it all.
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Friday, July The 10th of 2009

Topic:The once in awhile thing
Time:On The 10th @ 11:01 am.
Mood: hungry.
I have the LJ bug, I suppose. I've just had this itch the last week or so to come and post something. Every time I log in and click the post link, I have nothing to say, so I just close the window. Oh well, here goes nothing...

So after a bit of a scare, I did get my Pogues tickets. There was a pre-sale for House of Blues members, so I went ahead and joined (free) and went through to get my tickets. Well, they came up at $95/ea and I was taken aback while trying to see if it was a typo or something. Turns out it is actually just a special VIP type pre-sale, you get priority entrance into the admission area and a reserved bar stool. Well, Christian is not a fan of bar stools, and I'm not a fan of expensive concert tickets, no matter the band, so I waited with the general riff-raff and got some good balcony seats. Maybe we'll get a bite to eat there before the show, as they have a pretty good menu.

On the other end, for Christian's birthday I will be taking her downtown for a showing of the Saltimbanco revival (of sorts) by Cirque du Soleil as she has wanted to attend one of their shows for years now.

I do believe I will cut myself off now, can't have too much fun in one day. That, and I have to go sink back down into the bendisboards (mostly just to chat with David Mack)
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Monday, March The 2nd of 2009

Topic:Zack Snyder Trailers - You must pay for your crimes against the earth
Time:On The 2nd @ 11:17 am.
Not a bad thing (from the subject).
I have a theory, though. Who(m)ever does the trailers for Zack Snyder's movies is either a: my future best friend, or b: myself, waking in the middle of the night, to compile the trailers on my own.
Either makes sense for me, as the trailers have all the great elements almost making them better than the movies themselves *gasp*
From the quick cuts and action, to the high points of cheesy yet strong dialogue, all encompassed by the perfect musical selections.
I really only have two examples:
300 with Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined
Watchmen using Muse - Take a Bow
So it is not all that complete of an idea, really I just wanted to point out how awesome the Watchmen commercials are for using that song.
Possibly also to mention that I have my midnight showing tickets, notice the plural, and that Christian has somehow agreed to come along with me without much effort on my part to convince her.

Though based on a few reviews I have read, she will enjoy it more, since she has no prior knowledge on the source material, and after seeing the film, will be more inclined to read the GN.

Whereas I will go in, sit down, and shed a single salty tear for Vic Sage.
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Sunday, November The 16th of 2008

Topic:Like atlantis you just disappeared from view
Time:On The 16th @ 19:17 pm.
I keep having odd situations involving sounds.

I am sitting downstairs fast forwarding through some commercials when through the silence I hear what sounds like someone driving up on a riding lawnmower. Curious, as my neighbors are probably lazy enough to use such a device to get between homes, I go up to the window to observe.

Turns out, it is an old VW pulling into the driveway a few houses down.

I suspect he did a John Deere engine swap...probably gave him more HP.

And by that I actually mean hit points.
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Monday, November The 10th of 2008

Topic:I'm counting UFOs, I signal them with my lighter
Time:On The 10th @ 13:22 pm.
I got a call this morning from one of my clients saying "One of our servers is dying"
Being the master detective that I am, I had to ask "How do you know?"

The response given was not one that I would normally hear, but I am used to strange things like this...

" sounds like a submarine diving under the ocean"
She then preceded to hold the phone next to the server in question so that I could hear these submarine diving noises.

Funny thing is, it sounded just like you are currently thinking, the sort of slow "bwoop, bwoop" generic noise used on TV shows.

I did manage to work my magic and retrieve all of their data before it submerged, but I am pretty sure it is just a fan going south (bearing problem or some such nonsense). Either way I will have to head out there this afternoon and figure it out.
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Tuesday, October The 21st of 2008

Topic:Just add lettuce
Time:On The 21st @ 11:23 am.
Mood: amused.
I should really invest in one of those usb to usb file transfer cables, or at least make Circle Bar mail me back my big flash drive. Setting up these new desktops is a bit time consuming when I have to move files two gig at a time. I could grab a switch from my car and transfer that way, but since it is by the hour, I do not want the fastest method, just some middle way of slow and simple. Get it all to fit on one disk, then move it to the new desktop when it is set in place.

Of course sometimes I will want it to move quickly, like if the owner of said desktop does not have anything else to do and just stands around watching.

Though I was told the new colors used for the desktop was a major improvement over their old beige, which I took as a compliment though I had nothing to do with it.

Whenever I am at this clients office I am always tempted to go by the Half Price Books up the road, but I will try to control myself today. I have more than enough reading material and the new fall series are keeping me busy.

Oh, and look, I am alive and can make a real post.
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Tuesday, October The 14th of 2008

Topic:Tweet tweet
Time:On The 14th @ 11:55 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Getting paid by the hour is nice when I get to sit here and watch files transfer back and forth. Especially when it is not even work related. Two gigs worth of bird calls off an old worthless laptop onto the shiny new one and I just watch the files slowly move through this old usb port.
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Saturday, May The 17th of 2008

Topic:Random "proof of life" post
Time:On The 17th @ 22:11 pm.
I downloaded the demo for Burst Limit on the PS3, and it is weird. With the HD graphics/cell-shading, this new DBZ game looks better than the original show. Odd concept, and it makes me wonder how difficult it would be to program the episodes into the game.
You do get one of the movies on Blu-ray if you pre-order, and that has me curious. Not that I would pay for this game, but I'll see if I can rent the movie.
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Monday, April The 14th of 2008

Topic:I'm Spectacular
Time:On The 14th @ 20:45 pm.
Not really, I'm just the usual. I'm here, as most people know, just nothing so overly exciting that I jump on my computer and start typing.
However, Spider-man is quite spectacular, especially with the new animated series. If you have not seen it, start watching it. At least they don't follow the movie story and leave Gwen out of high school.
Mostly I just appreciate the little touches they throw in with the characters and all. The constant references to "the big man" and it turns out to be "Mr. Lincoln"
I won't give the whole name, just to make Myk think a bit, in case he doesn't already watch.

Plus, the whole Scott Pilgrim character design style really works.
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Tuesday, February The 19th of 2008

Topic:Oh Oh Ozona
Time:On The 19th @ 19:44 pm.
Welcome back dial-up, I have not missed you.

I am spending this week with a client in Ozona, TX, which is about 200 miles west of San Antonio.

I'll be here basically until I finish, or Friday afternoon. Though I really don't want to still be here at 5:00pm on Friday.
I'll have to decide to check out of the hotel early and leave my stuff in the car, and hope to finish early, or stay the extra night, and just drive back during the day.
As much as I'd like the extra billable time, I really just want to get to a good spot where I can do the rest of the work remotely.

And really, the drive is the best part. I get $30/hr for travel time plus mileage (.505/mile) which gives me about $850 just for sitting in my car listening to music.

So, about the dial-up. I forgot my wireless card when I was formatting this laptop for the trip. Luckily, dial-up does in fact still exist, as that is where I currently am holding down the fort.
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Monday, February The 11th of 2008

Topic:Liquid Metal
Time:On The 11th @ 21:49 pm.
Just took a random look at my user info page. I don't normally do this, since I have not changed it in quite awhile, but this was just one of those random nights.
I did notice, though, that the second *wakachikawakachikawakachika*
is blinking.
I'm pretty sure I haven't used a blink tag in 10 years.
But you know, for once, it actually works.

Oh, and on a side note, I'm actually up to date on more than one of the anime series I'm keeping up with. I'm currently on top of Shippūden, Gundam: 00, Bamboo Blade AND Bleach.
I know, crazy.
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Monday, January The 28th of 2008

Topic:I thought of something funny to put here earlier, but oh well.
Time:On The 28th @ 21:08 pm.
Two in a single month?
That is just unheard of.
For those keeping score at home, my billable time is picking up at work with 4 clients that I am responsible for. Spent the start of the month strong with all of them, so I currently have some down time. The last couple days I have spent in the attic at the office, while I am re-wiring the phone system. Well, more of removing the phone system and changing all that over to cat6. Our servers and desktops run on the bonded T-1, while I setup an account with the cable company as a fail-over.
It isn't all that bad, I get to wear shorts and t-shirt to work, with a backup change of clothes handy if I need to head off-site.

I did put together a new computer, which I have set up, and have yet to actually use. It is ready, I am just too lazy to finish moving and installing all the other items I need.
I suppose I will get around to it.
Combining the free parts (from Microsoft and other places) and things I sale, I think I put together a pretty good machine (for super cheap)
XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Motherboard
Core2Duo 2.2ghz
OCZ Platinum Revision-2 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz
XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX Video Card
Antec EarthWatts 500 PSU
I'll probably add in a second video card soon to test out sli
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Thursday, January The 17th of 2008

Time:On The 17th @ 22:32 pm.
I would just like to point out real quick before I go to bed that I am offended that NBC would even think about putting a new Knight Rider out without William Daniels.
There are no words....
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Thursday, December The 27th of 2007

Topic:For the people who are still alive
Time:On The 27th @ 21:31 pm.
I didn't intend for the subject to make sense, but I suppose it does.
Really I've just been listening to more Jonathan Coulton lately, mostly Still Alive (which technically counts)
In case you were wondering, this will fill you in:

I am almost completely moved out of the apartment, and all the important things are unpacked. All three tv's are up and running, dvrs recording, and the Wii is setup. Obviously I have internet as well.

I was going to make a post after the wedding/honeymoon, and I meant well, but I became incredibly busy with work that I am still not caught up. Add in the moving, and Christmas, so you might see my problem.
I should say Christmas x5, as that is the number of different places we exchanged gifts.

Eventually things will slow down enough that I can post here more often, as I tend to say.
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Sunday, November The 18th of 2007

Topic:Mulk vs. Thung
Time:On The 18th @ 20:22 pm.
I don't know very many people who still watch The Simpsons, but I am sure glad I still do.
Today's episode is easily my new favorite, and that is only with the first 10 minutes of it. All the great comic book references, plus Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore did their own voices (not sure about Daniel Clowes).
If you have any passing knowledge of comic books, feel free to watch it (watch it anyway).
Do it, do it now.
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Thursday, November The 8th of 2007

Time:On The 8th @ 21:11 pm.
Another month, another post
Though I also don't think I've checked since then.
I sit at a computer all day at work, then I come home and sit next to my computer, as I find it to be my comfy chair. I figure I might as well sign on here, but I never think about it.
Though I guess I do have plenty of other things going on.
Maybe I'll just set a reminder on my phone or something, seems to be what I do for everything else.
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Monday, October The 8th of 2007

Time:On The 8th @ 21:05 pm.
Didn't realize it had been a whole month...mostly I'm just lazy.
I became an official employee at work, instead of just a contractor, so my payment schedule changes from the 1st to the 15th. Which means I'm getting to the end of a month and a half without since last paycheck.
Car payment...2x
Honeymoon...Just once
Oh, and Christian and I found a townhouse, so I put in the first half months rent.
Too much money to not have a paycheck right away.
So the townhouse is nice, right down the street from my current place.
About 1300sq ft, 3 bedrooms (we've decided bedroom, office, library) with a nice 2 car garage.
I'll get pictures or something eventually, once some things get moved in. It is cool to have a yard to work on.
Christian is in charge of when she wants to allow people over, so don't ask me.
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Saturday, September The 8th of 2007

Time:On The 8th @ 13:31 pm.
Vacation Package: Houston to Honolulu
Flight: Houston to Honolulu
Traveler names: Alan Stoddard, Christian Bartkowiak

Houston to Honolulu 12/02/07 9:35 am - 2:05 pm Continental

Honolulu to Houston 12/06/07 8:00 pm - 7:30 am Continental

Hotel: Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
Room reservation: Alan Stoddard - 2 adults
Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Check in: Sun 12/2/2007 Check out: Thu 12/6/2007 Nights: 4
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Friday, September The 7th of 2007

Topic:Go Navy
Time:On The 7th @ 19:45 pm.
In high school, my parents lived semi-near the Safe Way Driving Centre, and even though I saw the kids putting around with their lessons, I never felt the need to screw around with them. Now, over in Grogan's, I see them everywhere, and I still don't really want to mess with them. However, I always want to go over into the parking lot when I see them and start doing the Figure 8's around them.
I don't, but it might be fun.
For now I'll stick with Navy Football.
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